Life in Transition

Navigating Personal Finances During Life Transitions

My First Post (I can’t think of a more clever title)

Welcome to my new blog! I have always enjoyed reading blogs, and have thought about starting my own for quite some time. And as with any new endeavor, my biggest challenge was getting started.

So how did a twenty-three old get interested in personal finance? At some point in towards the end of high school, I realized I had finite resources, and to make the most of it, I would have to disciplined in keeping track of where my money went. So, I began tracking my expenses on a spreadsheet. Soon after, I learned how to create a budget and then began researching ways to each dollar stretch further. Through my college years, I learned a lot about managing my own money. I don’t claim to be an expert since I still have plenty to learn. Right now, I am going through a transition of sorts. I just graduated college, which means my parents will no longer help me financially. I am also engaged, which means money decisions will soon be a team effort. I hope to chronicle what I have and will learn about personal finance here on this blog.


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One thought on “My First Post (I can’t think of a more clever title)

  1. Welcome to the blog-o-sphere! I gave my first post the same title… I’m sure it’s obligatory to any new blog 🙂

    Congrats on your engagement, and I’m looking forward to following your story!

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