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Post-Wedding To-do List

I’ve been pretty busy the last week or so between getting married and moving, hence the lack of updates.  Things are a bit chaotic.  I only took one day off work after the wedding.  I figured if my husband had to start his new job right away, I might as well start working again right away; I’m an hourly employee so I don’t get vacation time.

We started moving into a temporary room at the dorm my husband works at.  Our actual room is getting renovated and we’re told that we can move in within a month.  Knowing how slow things get done at the university, I’m guessing it probably won’t happen until August. 

So far, we have done the following:

  • Move his things to the dorm
  • Deposit checks given to us at the wedding
  • Deposit checks from bridesmaids (I wanted to order their dresses in one order to save on shipping)
  • Returned duplicate gifts that we have opened so far (the other half of the gifts are still at his parents’ house, we could fit them all in the car)
  • Bought some home essentials

We still have a ton of things to do including

  • Merging our bank accounts
  • Change our W-2’s
  • Calculate the total cost of the wedding
  • Make my husband an authorized user on my credit cards
  • Create our first budget together
  • Decide what to do with the wedding checks and his tax return
  • Change my name

We aren’t sure if we want to do all those things right away.  Should I wait to do them once we are settled in our permanent dorm room? I don’t want to keep on changing my address for everything. 


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5 thoughts on “Post-Wedding To-do List

  1. You’ll probably want to pull the paperwork together to get your name change started. One of my friends mentioned there are services available to help you do that. Congrats on the wedding 🙂

  2. Are you sure your mailing address is going to change? When I was in college I had the same mailing address no matter which dorm/room I lived in.

    If I remember correctly, when I went to the SS office (first name-changing step) they checked the address listed on our marriage license against where I wanted the card mailed. So you may want to start that process right away if your address is going to change a lot as long as you sign up for forwarding. Maybe call the SS office and explain your situation and ask when would be the best time to come in to fill out the forms?

    • Unfortunately it will change. The mailing address will change if you live in an apartment-style dorm with a kitchen, since those were the only dorms with a mail facility, and each mail box is associated with a certain room number. If you switch rooms you need to get a new mail box. The others have a PO box on campus, which doesn’t change if you switch dorms, unless you move into an apartment style one. Each year, you have to show documentation that you live in a regular dorm to renew your PO box.

  3. Congratulations on getting married. That is so exciting! Sounds like you a have a lot to do now. I remember when I had to go through all the name and address changes. There was a lot more to do after getting married than I initially thought about. Good luck!

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