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Five Necessities I Hate Paying For

  1. Oil Changes and Car Maintenance: I hate spending extra money to keep something running.  I know it’s what you’re suppose to do, but I still don’t like paying for that kind of stuff.
  2. Health Insurance: It’s expensive, and from my experience, everytime I try to file a claim, the insurance company tries to find a reason to deny it, which means I spend over 45 minutes on hold with their customer service.  Yet, it would be foolish to go without it.
  3. Parking pass: I know that what I’m paying right now for downtown parking at my apartment is a bargin, but since I grew up in small towns, I’m not used to paying for parking.  Yes, I could park for free on the street four blocks away, but the neighborhood four blocks away is ranked the 14th most dangerous neighborhood in the US by  I don’t plan on walking there by myself at night, so the better alternative is to shell out money for a parking pass.
  4. Gas: Yes, I listed another car-related item. For some reason, I always underestimate how much it would cost to fill up a tank.
  5. Tuition: This isn’t really a necessity, unless your career goals requires a degree. I don’t really mind tuition itself, but why does it have to be so expensive?

What are some necessities you hate paying for?


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5 thoughts on “Five Necessities I Hate Paying For

  1. I hate paying for parking (along with the rest of the list). Thankfully my work pays for my health insurance.

  2. I hate having to pay for our car tags every year. This year it’s coming out of the car fund so it won’t be such a big hassle but I still really dislike it!

  3. Number 1 is the worst! I drive 120 miles everyday back and forth to work, so guess how much I get the oil changed! Why does it need to cost so much? And they always find something wrong that also needs serviced! RANT!

    I hate paying for movies knowing that I’ll be able to rent them from Redbox for $1 in about 4 months.

  4. I hate paying for valet. I don’t mind walking, but I hate those places that literally take up metered parking so they can valet cars. Happens all the time here in LA. So lame.

  5. I hate paying for gas and parking too. If I can use my legs instead of my car I will. It isn’t always easy though and that is what ticks me off. Sometimes I need to take my car and I wish I didn’t.

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