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Weighing the Offer

I heard back from the financial company I interviewed with and they extended an offer–with a catch.  In my previous post, I had mentioned that while I interviewed for a full time salaried position, I was asked whether I’d be interested in the internship position too, knowing that I would be promoted to a full time position within 1-2 months (with conditions that the company won’t tank and that I don’t completely screw up my job).  So, I ended up with the internship, which begs the question: is it worth taking since it pays less than what I make now? (Note: I haven’t heard back from the biotech job, and they told me I wouldn’t hear back for at least two weeks.  I’ve been in the biotech/university research long enough to know that people change their minds constantly about hiring, so it wouldn’t surprise me if they decided not to hire anyone in the end.  Ideally, the biotech company would tell me what their decision is, so that I can make an better decision).

The first question to tackle is whether I can trust the interviewer’s word.  I have a tendency to distrust what supervisors promises, since I’ve seen so many broken where I work.  So far, everything that people from the financial company is consistant, whether something is said or written in an email.  They’ve given no reason for me to distrust them and they’ve been very clear and open about expectations for me and what I should except out of them.  Still, my natural tendency is to distrust those I don’t know, especially if they will have a strong influence over my quality of life.

The second issue is the family finances.  If everything that my interviewers have said is true, then even with a 1-2 month paycut, I will still make more money in the long run since my salary potential is much higher than if I stay with my current job.  I have a pretty confortable amount of money sitting in my emergency fund, so short term I should be fine.  Also, my husband makes a little bit of money ($450/month pre-taxed) with his RA job that we can use (all of it currently goes into his tuition savings account).  Again, this goes back to trusting the employer keeping his word.  We will have to significantly increase the transportation budget since I will have a 20-30 minute commute everyday.

The next thing I need to consider is my sanity.  Right now, I don’t know how much longer I can handle being at my job.  There are way too many things that makes the work environment toxic and while I do my best to help I feel like I am fighting a losing battle.  The work I do itself isn’t difficult nor stressful.  It’s dealing with some of the people I work with that is frustrating.  I know that there’s no guartentees that my next job won’t be the same way, but at least I can hope for a better environment.

For the most part, I’ve made up my mind to take the position.  If I get an offer from the biotech company while I am still interning, I’ll use that offer as leverage to speed up the promotion process (I explained to them during the interview that I had already interviewed for another position).  If they can’t/won’t, then I feel like I have reasonable cause to take the other job.  What would you guys do in this situation?

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3 thoughts on “Weighing the Offer

  1. I’d do what you are doing. As you said, you may hear back from the other company but there are no guarentees. If you do, use it as leverage. A 1-2 month pay cut isn’t as bad as it could be as you will, in the end, be making more. I’d try to get what the interviewer said in writing for a little peace of mind though.

  2. Tough choice, even though the payback period seems really short. What did you end up doing??

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