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Post-Wedding To-do List

I’ve been pretty busy the last week or so between getting married and moving, hence the lack of updates.  Things are a bit chaotic.  I only took one day off work after the wedding.  I figured if my husband had to start his new job right away, I might as well start working again right away; I’m an hourly employee so I don’t get vacation time.

We started moving into a temporary room at the dorm my husband works at.  Our actual room is getting renovated and we’re told that we can move in within a month.  Knowing how slow things get done at the university, I’m guessing it probably won’t happen until August. 

So far, we have done the following:

  • Move his things to the dorm
  • Deposit checks given to us at the wedding
  • Deposit checks from bridesmaids (I wanted to order their dresses in one order to save on shipping)
  • Returned duplicate gifts that we have opened so far (the other half of the gifts are still at his parents’ house, we could fit them all in the car)
  • Bought some home essentials

We still have a ton of things to do including

  • Merging our bank accounts
  • Change our W-2’s
  • Calculate the total cost of the wedding
  • Make my husband an authorized user on my credit cards
  • Create our first budget together
  • Decide what to do with the wedding checks and his tax return
  • Change my name

We aren’t sure if we want to do all those things right away.  Should I wait to do them once we are settled in our permanent dorm room? I don’t want to keep on changing my address for everything. 


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